Thursday, April 19, 2012


I can't believe my little baby is five moths old!  How did that happen?!  Just the other day, I was dressing her on the bed and tickling her belly and for one instant, she looked SO GROWN UP.  Not like an elementary kid, but like a big baby.  She totally lost her tiny baby look to me.  Now, this may not make sense to anyone, but she seriously looked like she would just roll over, climb off the bed and toddle away.  Phew, thank goodness that's not happening.. BUT, she sure looks older to me these days.  

So a little recap of her last month:

Charlie Ann is ALL about her play mat.  I've started propping her belly down in the boppy so she can be eye level with the toys..  Or sitting her in the boppy so she reach more of the hanging animals.  It's fun.  She likes it.

Charlie Ann had her second round of shots with the best pediatrician ever!  So at 19 weeks, she was 25 inches long and an ounce shy of 12 pounds.  She went from 3% in weight to the 10%!  Our doctor was pleased (phew) and she gave us GREAT tips on improving nursing.  

Also in the fourth month, she got her first cold!  Miserable.  I was a little disappointed because I had heard if you exclusively breast feed, your child probably won't get sick 'til much older.  Whelp, didn't work in our case.  So here is my little sicko.  

Her cold lasted one whole week.  During that time, Jarod flew to New York for four days.  I was so stressed out to be with a sick child for the first time and take care of Taiga... BUT, the Lord took care of me!  My sweet friend, Lani, invited me to come to San Diego for those four days with her to stay at her in-laws place while her husband was out of town at the same time.  PERFECT!  Those four days were the best days since coming back to Cali after Christmas.  God knew I needed that r & r and He made a way.  This is a picture of Lani's daughter, Nan (2 yrs), "reading" to Charlie Ann.  (Oh, and Lani owns Margot, which is Taiga's best friend--both dogs had a great time playing in the in-laws backyard-- thank goodness for a leash-free weekend!!!)

In San Diego, Charlie Ann rolled over for the FIRST TIME!  A photo right after the momentous occasion:

This month I started a Beth Moore Bible Study on the fruit of the Spirit.  It is a big commitment, but so worthwhile.  Here she is in her stroller while I am is going over the homework with the other girls.  You are a cutie if I must say so.

Here are some sweet and silly photos of Charlie Ann on the bed the morning my mom was arriving from Missouri.  We were so excited for her to come and looking for her already.

It was SO GREAT having Grandma here for two whole weeks!  We did lots of walks and playtime.  A few highlights with Grandma here was a trip to Idyllwild for the day.  So fun hiking and shopping and relaxing at the coffee shop.  

Another fabulous part of Grandma's time here was our trip to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks (see previous post).  No picture, but as we were hiking out of the Sequoia, I got Charlie Ann to laugh!  That was definitely momentous.  As thrilled as we were about the views and the big trees, Charlie Ann was just as excited about the fruit she got to play with at the hotel's breakfast.  

We also went shopping at IKEA.   She loved it, look at that face!

The last fun thing we did with Grandma in town was to take the Surfliner Train (Amtrak) to San Diego.  Charlie Ann did great and was (for the most part) an agreeable little traveler! 

In San Diego, she heard your first mariachi band and were so intrigued.  It was SUPER CUTE.  

Charlie Ann napped with Grandma in Old Towne, San Diego during a little rainy spell while I got a Chai.  Again, I say, kind of a cutie.

In other news, you still pretty much wear the same things you have been wearing the last five months (0-3 mon onesies, 6 mon pants, 9 mon sleepers).  Haha.  You are long, but just so so skinny.  You are definitely in a size 2 diaper, although a few of the brands are still a little "tall" on you.  Your demeanor is happy; you smile and every now and then, grace us with a little chuckle.  I am noticing how social you are.  You are beginning to prefer Mom and Dad to napping.  Nap time is becoming more difficult, so get ready, sleep training is fast approaching!  This has been a fun month.  You are a sweet girl and you make Mom and Dad proud.   


Sickler said...

Beth Moore looks much different than I expected her to. In fact, she looks identical to our daughter. Weird. Also, I'm so glad Charlie Ann got to her my first mariachi band. It's a special moment indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke,
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about Idyllwild to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you soon!