Thursday, April 19, 2012

Official News

Most of you may know, but to make it "blog official"...


It is true.  Jarod got accepted at the University of Rochester for his PhD studies!  Yes, so exciting!  Can you imagine, "Dr. Sickler"?!  Crazy!  

We got the offer from Rochester mid-February, and we needed to officially make our decision by April 16th.  We were thrilled.  The offer includes full tuition coverage and a full stipend!  We decided to wait and see if any other offers would come from his 11 other applications before making our decision.  We heard several no's, a few wait-listed, and two other yes's.  We got an offer from Calgary, Canada.  It too was full tuition coverage and a stipend.  And just today, we got an offer from the University of Nebraska.  We felt so blessed to even have choices between schools.  

Two weeks ago today, Jarod and I were able to go out for a long lunch (thanks, Mom for watching the baby!) and lay everything on the table about our decisions.  What a "date" that was.. (next time, it'll be dinner and a brain-less movie, I'm tellin' ya).  But after discussing, discussing, cussing, discussing, discussing and cussing a little more, we chose to take the offer in New York.  

It was a tough decision for me emotionally.  We had applied at schools that were nearer to our families in the midwest, but didn't get accepted.  Being near family was important to me for the sake of Charlie Ann.  So we even debated about Jarod refusing all offers and taking some job in the Midwest for the sole reason of family.  But, the more we discussed it, we both new we had to come back to big picture.  We had moved to LA in order for Jarod to improve his probabilities of being accepted for PhD work (through graduate studies here) and we needed to be faithful to walk through the doors that the Lord had opened for us.  And for me, it was okay to grieve the loss of a dream of Charlie Ann growing up close to extended family.  We will be in New York for five years, so it is not forever.  But post PhD, Jarod will be applying for teaching positions, so once again, we will be somewhere else in this great United States.  

Until then, I am soaking up my southern California sun and warmth and not really thinking about living in the north east.  Ha, I guess I am still in denial!  However, reality is fast approaching.  Our move out date is June 8th, 6 weeks from now!  I better get with it.  


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