Monday, November 12, 2012

11 Month Recap

Charlie Ann turned 11 months on October 11th.
Eleven months brought some fun new experiences for Charlie Ann.  Charlie Ann had her first trip to the zoo! She also was sick at the zoo :/ running a low grade fever, and had runny nose.  Nothing like a trip to the zoo with a dear friend to cure what ails ya.. or at least distract you from feeling crummy.  

 Charlie Ann started army crawling!!  So cute.  And watch out, she's pretty quick.

Another amazing feat this month - pulling up! Wow, has this changed the dynamics of our lives... 

And someone is clearly VERY proud of her new abilities to pull up!  I love this cheezer grin.

As far as food goes, Charlie Ann is a champion eater! So, up until this month, I would say I have been pretty much a food nazi regarding Charlie Ann's nutrition.  Well.. with the crazy of moving and buying and traveling and well, the anal-ness of the food was forced out the window.  It was all downhill after her first experience with cheese bread at Mazzios...  

Don't get me wrong, I still balanced her Vitamin A foods with Vitamin C ones and made sure she got her proteins and dairy.. etc, etc.  We just crossed a new threshold with that crust.  :) 

Charlie Ann got her first umbrella stroller and loves it.  Its so convenient and easy.

We had a bit of cool weather, so I brought out the long sleeves and jeggings.  Love playing dress up :)

This is a cute picture because this is one of the first times Charlie Ann was on grass.  And she did NOT like to army crawl in it, so she did this sort of crab/bear crawl over it.  So funny.

Here we are picking up the moving truck in Oklahoma, about to make another cross country road trip!  We left very early that morning, so she traveled in pjs.  Pretty darn cute.

 Pops in Oklahoma is giving Charlie Ann a ride on Jarod's old horse toy.  She was clearly loving it.

Finally, en route to New York!  Swing break near St. Louis.  I need to take this girl swinging again.

Finally in New York! And FINALLY Charlie Ann is with Daddy.. it had been over seven weeks since Charlie Ann had seen Jarod.  It was so good to have our family back together.

 We are moved into our new house and Charlie Ann is definitely loving all the unconfined army crawling freedom!

 And she is cruising and pulling up all over the new place.

Charlie Ann LOVES the "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" book by Karen Katz and "Where's Elmo?" peek a boo cloth book.  Really, books are just her favorite things.  However, when she goes for toys, this month it is wooden alphabet blocks and light up musical stacker by Fisher Price.

Charlie Ann is in 12-18 mon clothes and I cant seem to find enough wintery fleece things for her.  It is barely November and I already feel like she's freezing all the time.  What am I going to do come real winter time?

Charlie Ann is in size 3 diapers and size 2 shoes.  Since we have only wooden floors, I have to have her in shoes all the time or else she slips and falls in socks.. which happened every single day the first week in our new house.  Poor thing.
Also, the season of hairbows has definitely ended.  They last in her hair approximately .23 seconds.  

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