Monday, November 12, 2012

12 Months!

ONE YEAR OLD!  Wow!!  I just cant even believe I have a ONE YEAR old... and that she could even possibly be considered a TODDLER..  I am just in unbelief.  Mercy.  

Charlie Ann is darling and she makes me laugh more and more.  It's funny to watch her react to my reactions, especially when she does something over and over because I laughed.  What a ham.  
Family Photo - Lake Ontario, October 2012

New tricks: a clapping fanatic.  And she likes to dance in a swaying/bouncing kind of way when her little toys play their ditties.   Giving kisses.  Especially to daddy.  And two to Taiga.  

Still pulling up and cruising from furniture to doors and back.

Charlie Ann is also crawling, for real crawling!  No more dragging that belly :)

Like I mentioned in the previous post, hairbows are out.  It's much cooler to have ragamuffin hair in your eyes, didnt you know?
(I am holding her hand here to prevent hair bow removal - she is protesting)

Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market.

Charlie Ann is no longer a vegetarian!  Hello, chicken!  She is clearly LOVING chicken and is about to give her thank you speech.  On other food matters, she is having hardly any pureed food.  She eats mainly what Jarod and I have, just cut up small.  Which is AMAZING.  Life just gets easier and easier. Praise the Lord.  She still takes 3 bottles of formula a day and pretty much loves her bottle.  Oh, she's also using a little no spill bowl thing and it's awesome.  She gets Cheddar Bunnies or Cheerios in the bowl and she can get them out, one at a time. Perfect for car rides and shopping trips.

 Charlie Ann and Mommy 

Charlie Ann and Daddy

Charlie Ann "carried" this pumpkin from one end of our living room to the other with a 'thump-crawl-crawl, thump-crawl-crawl, thump-crawl-crawl'.  Hilarious.  Serious determination.  Enter Autumn.

Our sweet neighbor knitted Charlie Ann an adorable hat and matching mittens!  Unfortunately, Charlie Ann feels similarly about her hats, as she does her hairbows.

Strollin' on the sunny days.

Halloween - Lady Bug Charlie Ann.  In love with her costume.  And if she see's it in the closet, she is ready to put it on again.  Silly girl.
 Lady Bug and Elephant Friends

On other notes, Charlie Ann dropped her morning nap.  Boo.  She actually did this LAST month, although I think I was in denial about such things.  Apparently there are only about 17% of 10/11 month olds who take one nap a day.  I guess someone has to be part of that 17%.  
Her night time sleep is about 12 hours now (instead of the previous 13 hours), and the time change has thrown us for a sleeping loop.  She is getting up EARLY, like 6:45am... which I was so accustomed to that 8am wake up time.  

Her favorite toys this month are still books.  Haha.  I try to "play" other things with her and she just brings me books and jabbers away.  Okay.  So we read a lot of Eric Carle books, "Daddy Cuddles" and Dr. Seuss and magazines (she's into it, I promise!).  Charlie Ann's Gabby (Jarod's mom) got her a little Christmas dog that sings and jumps and barks when you squeeze it's ear.  She likes this dog, from a safe distance.  She wants me to press the ear, then quickly crawls to my lap to watch.  Pretty cute stuff.  

She isnt talking, but there are distinctive "word/sounds" for certain things.  Those beloved things that actually get the same name day in and day out are: cheese, Taiga, and Daddy.  I dont make the list.  

I love this little one year old. 

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Jenny said...

I can't believe Charlie Ann is already a year old. It seems like we were just doing yoga together when you were pregnant with her. She is seriously the cutest!