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So, blogging... I'm really into it.  Probably because most of my loved ones live seven states away and I feel that this is an easy way for them/us to stay connected.  Secretly, I wish more of my close friends and family were bloggers, but I understand that there is only a certain amount of time in a day!  Hopefully, I can inspire more of them to jump on the bandwagon - it's just SO fun!!!

So, a few days ago, a fabulous friend from college highlighted my blog with "The Beautiful Blogger Award."  Aww, thanks Becca!  So, part of the deal for receiving the award is to 1] make a short list of things you may not know about me and to 2] pass on the award to a few new blogs!  Here goes:

New (?) things about Me you might not yet know:

I always order my drinks with no ice.  Why?  Because it's very confusing to try to open my mouth and drink, and likewise not have the ice enter and therefore resulting in a choking me.  I do know that this could be easily solved with a straw, however, what a waste!  That bit of plastic, used for a few minutes, then tossed; shame.  So, room temperature drinks, it is.  

I bake when I'm stressed.  I suppose that's only one measly step away from eating when I'm stressed, BUT I do find that baking, trying new recipes, making a mess in the kitchen, .. is all somehow gratifying and satisfying and healing for tension.  I also rarely bake or cook the same thing twice.  How boring!  I am always attempting something new in the kitchen and my sweet husband endures eats all of my creations :)

In the last year, flying makes me totally nervous! Okay, so I have NO IDEA where this is coming from... I have flown ALOT and OFTEN and on VERY LONG FLIGHTS for YEARS... and yet, just recently, I find my heart racing and my blood pressure rising every time there is some sort of bump or movement midair.  I imagine myself in this metal tube, thousands of miles in the air, in a row of seats, thinking how odd this would look if you took away the shell of the plane and left a hundred people sitting in nice rows, gliding effortlessly through the blue expanse... and I totally psych myself out.  Get a grip, Brooke!!!

I am a country girl.  Now that I live in the city, I know FOR SURE I am a country girl in my depths.  I miss the quiet, the trees, the peace, the serenity, the walks, the no leash laws, the simplicity of life.  I was not meant for this fast paced city, stressed out life and light/noise pollution!  LA is never dark, truly black dark.. and you can always, ALWAYS hear SOMETHING, a car alarm, a horn, babies crying, dogs yapping, school bells, bands practicing, thumping bass, screeching tires, a mariachi band, people arguing, people cheering for "the game", ahhh!  Many times I just want to stand on my patio and scream SHHHHHHH!  But, then I would be just one more noise contributing to the problem.

I am a coffee snob.  This is new.  It started with buying some gourmet beans, grinding them myself and then pressing them in my own glass, French press.. and now I just simply cannot return to Folger's or Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  It's quite a shame and bit excessive and ridiculous, but I now prefer my own coffee preparation to any java joint or coffee shop around.

Now, on to highlight some of my FAVORITE blogs:

Bicycle Basket. My friends, Michael and Kristyn and their newly adopted son, have shared their tales and stories of the whole adoption process and now their everyday life with little Gunyea.  Kristyn is artsy and creative and her love for life inspires me daily.  Mitch is funny and endearing and sometimes it makes me a little teary eyed seeing how much he loves his son.  I really look up to this family.

101 Cookbooks. Yum.  This is a fabulous blog for whole food, natural and organic recipes.  When I'm feeling stuck in a recipe rut or wanting something extra special, I go here.

Bate's Klog.  An everyday blog with bit's of Kate's life, and it makes me smile.  She is a high school art teacher with a great sense of humor and a knack for finding inspiration and creativity in everything.  I admire the fun she has with her husband and her willingness to love and be just who she is.


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