Saturday, June 5, 2010


WOW! What a fabulous, FABULOUS time on the Gulf Coast. Jarod and I just spent a week celebrating the wedding and marriage of my brother, Austin and sister-in-law, Amy. SO FUN! We stayed with my parents in St. Petersburg, Florida, at her best friends place. Her friend's house is actually in the neighborhood my mom grew up in - so it was super fun to see my mom's old house, the lake they would swim in, and my great-grandparents house across the street. We spent four pre-wedding days floating in the pool, sipping margaritas and sunning at the beach.   

Then, the day of the Kelley - Crowder Wedding finally came!  It was such a BEAUTIFUL ceremony and the whole process of destination wedding truly did seem to fit my brother and Amy.  It was so simple, relaxed, and their One-Stop-Wedding-Shop seemed to make it very hassle free :)  So at sunset on June 2nd, 2010, on the beach of Indian Shores, Florida,  Austin and Amy were officially united as one!  Amazing!  I am so proud of my brother and my family and I really am excited to gain a sister.  Austin and Amy are just perfect for each other.  Enjoy a few highlights from my little point & shoot camera of the ceremony.

Congratulations Austin and Amy!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!


Torie said...

Love you..Love your family
Miss you...Miss your family!

Judy and Scott S. said...

absolutely gorgeous bride! we are soooo glad you had a good relaxing time with your family. what wonderful memories! the pics. you guys took are amazing....good job! hope to see you soon...somehow, sometime!!! love you both!!!

anne maskell said...

what a beautiful wedding, the pics are awesome! I'm visiting you with twee poppets. I hope you visit me too!

kate fried said...

i can't believe austin's old enough to be married! when did that happen?!
looks like it was a beautiful wedding.