Friday, June 11, 2010

A Lonely Weekend

Welp, here I am.  Kinda bored.

Jarod has been gone since yesterday morning on a 3 day climbing trip to Idyllwild, CA.  I am very happy for him to get to be outside on some rock - he hasn't been in over two months and I was watching the frustration build!  I am hoping that he had found a good future partner as well.  He went to Idyllwild with the guy that we bought our tent from, (Mr. Amazing, that put up new routes on k2)  So, fingers crossed that he is enjoying himself and is pleased when he gets back.

Meanwhile, back at the fort, I finished up another week of work - God has been really faithful to provide an additional month's work for June through my Drug Intervention job.  I ran Taiga this morning before work, so no fun outings with her tonight.   But she is pretty mellow today, anyway.  We had her friend Margot here for about a week, so today she's just been sleeping and recuperating.

Right now, I have cooking on the stove my favorite soup (Chicken Mushroom) these days.  I am emailing the photos we shot for my brother's wedding to him, two files at a time.  And, my high ambitions for tonight are to read/finish Cold Mountain for my book club and maybe post up a photo blog of some non-wedding pictures from our trip to Florida.  And, yup, that's about it.

Oh, I did go get my nails done/fixed about an hour ago.  After the potatoe peeler accident, I needed some help.  My nail was cut down the center already, but then I nearly tore it off earlier today.  So, before I screamed any more obscenities about the pain coming from every bump to my broken nail, I figured I needed a trip to my favorite manicure place, Square Nails.  They fixed me up with a little glue and acrylic powder.  Ahh, no more pain!  And, they look VERY NICE.

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