Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Checked Out

I am having one of those days where I am just checked out mentally.  And this is not a good day to be having that sort of day... I have counseling sessions with students every half hour from 8:30am to 3:00pm and I am struggling to stay focused on what these kids are saying to me.  Luckily, I am completing an Intake Assessment Form and a Confidientiality Form with each student, so everything I need to ask/talk about is printed right in front of me...  phew.   I just need to be mentally present enough to at least regurgitate what they are saying onto the paper.

If I want to give excuses for myself, my list would include:
-Decaf coffee this morning (we're out of the caffeinated)
-I leave for Missouri tomorrow
-I'm thinking about what to pack and take
-I'm thinking how great it will be to have caffeinated coffee in parents living room and chatting
-I'm thinking about cleaning my apt for company that will be staying there while we are away
-I'm thinking about having to kennel my dog from Thurs to Mon
-I didn't eat breakfast
-I didn't have my normal 10am "pick me up" apple

I am hoping that it is those excuses alone that are causing my "checked-out-ness" and not a "tired-of-my-job-already-since-its-only-mid-September" reason. 


Judy and Scott S. said...

I would say with your list of "to-do" thoughts and the lack of caffeine, your thoughts, or lack thereof, are justified! I would say relax....those kids are not going to fall any more apart than they are right now because you have an "off" day! We all have those days and i can see why your thoughts are about having time with your mom and the living room....with a cup of coffee....vegging....knowing you did all you could do to get ready for this trip and it is DONE! relax lovely lady!

Becca said...

DON'T Clean your apt for us! Really! You should see my house.