Thursday, September 30, 2010

Date Nite in Pasadena

Wednesday is Date Nite.. and last night, we ventured to Pasadena, CA.  {It's not that far of a venture, maybe 40 minutes} We have a friend who connected us with some free parking downtown {bonus!}  It was a great evening!  Our one minor mishap: Jarod's Ray-Bans sliding off the dash, out the open car window and landing in the middle of the intersection, was swiftly restored by some good Samaritan who, after circling the city block we discovered, had placed them on a curb!!!  It was a miracle!!

We had a pleasant 10 minute walk to the Patagonia store {destination}, where we saw:

The focus of this picture is not the beautiful building, but the formidable sky.  Do you see this sky?!?!?!?!?  This is NOT a typical Californian sky... this is a fabulously STORMY SKY!  So much so, that we actually heard two, loud claps of thunder and saw three, massive, horizontal bolts of lightning!!  AND, the icing on this magnificent evening was RAIN!!  It actually rained for at least 7 minutes!!!  It hasn't rained here since January and this is the first time since moving to California, which has been over a year ago... that we have ever had lightning and thunder.  An evening of miracles, really!

We also passed by these two fun little places:

We were headed to the Patagonia store with several jackets between the two of us that didn't quite measure up to the standard we had expected.  However, Patagonia has an A+ return policy {and they let us bring Taiga into the store} so we ended up two very satisfied customers with these new additions {I actually got this Better Sweater is a lovely shade of acorn brown}:

And our great Date Nite ended with Lettuce Wraps and Kung Pao Chicken from Pei Wei.  Wednesdays are such a highlight of my week :) 

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