Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Here is a little bit of our Holiday Weekend.  I also must say that this was my last weekend of summer, {I head back to my school job in the morning}.  I do think, however, that we lived it up the last three days.  This is a big bonus living in So Cal, beaches and mountains, all in the same weekend :)

Saturday - Sunny Day at Newport Beach with Talbot Wives Fellowship

Sunday - Breakfast with the Huffmans at Arthurs
               Church with the Huffmans at Anaheim Vineyard
               Cloudy Day at Newport Beach with the Huffmans
               Backyard Barbecue with the Huffmans

Monday - Climbing at Tahquitz Mountains, near Idyllwild

A few photos from the weekend:
Heather & Dustin (Sunny Day)

Hannah attempting to bury Taiga in the sand (Cloudy Day)

Dog Burying Success!!

David & Jarod

Cloudy Day Beach Fun

To the Mountains!  Can you spot Jarod and Drew climbing?

She's got her own backpack now :)

My Silly Dog

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