Friday, May 28, 2010

The Big End of May!

May 28th, I have been looking forward to you for MONTHS!  There have been some big things happen this week and I am so excited that the anticipation for this time has finally reached it's culmination!  So here are the happenings at the Sickler Home:

1] Yesterday was my last day at my school sites!  I have closed out all my sessions with my middle schoolers... patted their backs and sent them on their merry, intervention-free way this summer - Haha, we'll see how many of them can stay clean for 3 months :)  So, my job is pretty much over for this school year, however I do have a few days the second week of June in my office to just tidy up and finish paperwork.  (No biggie, no stress and EASY money :)  

2] Jarod has TWO semesters of grad school finished as of today!  Hard to believe that he already has 36 units of his 66 units in the bag.  Just three more semesters to go and I will be married to a Master Philosopher.   

3] We leave for Florida tomorrow morning! We have a week long vacation in St. Petersburg/Clearwater Beach. We are meeting my parents, my brother, his fiancee and her family for the Wedding Celebration!  I haven't seen my family since January and I sure do miss them.  I am so ready to just relax and hang out!  I am also looking forward to some uninterrupted time with the hubs; we have both been so wrapped up in our "own" little lives, that there has been little overlap. 

4] My brother, Austin gets married in 5 days!  It is crazy to believe the time is already here, but I am so excited for him :)  And I am so excited that they are doing what they want: a Beach Destination Wedding!  So cool.  I am so happy for them and their new life that they are starting together, June 2nd.  

5] As ridiculous as this is, I have been looking forward to getting my hair and nails done for months and I finally had my appointments today!  YAY!  I have found a hairdresser that I love here (yes!, finally!) and pedicures are literally DIRT cheap ($13!)  So, hooray for a little self pampering :) 

Now, I am off to pack for our trip and make a little stir fry dinner for us.  Welcome Summer! I have been looking so forward to you!

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Lori said...

Hope you have an awesome vacation, Brooke! You sure do deserve it!