Monday, August 30, 2010

Anniversary Two

Two years.  Married TWO, WHOLE years!  I can't really believe its been that long already.

A few days ago, I met a long ago friend from K-Colorado for lunch... we hadn't seen, or really talked to each other in over seven years!  As we recapped our recent lives, she asked, "So how DID you and Jarod get together?"  (She was remembering back to our summer of 2003, when all three of us were on staff together - and rightfully also remembering, that Jarod and I spoke only a handful of words to each other those four months in Colorado)  As I gave her "our story".. she said two things: 1] You're giving me chills!!  I can't believe this!! and 2] This sounds like a movie!

As I think back to the five year span from our first 'hang-out-together', where I broke his truck by running over some large metal object in the street.. (it was a low rider truck (ha!), to my credit) to saying our vows to each other, and all the middle part in between, I am reminded of God's sovereignty and God's timing.  It took a long time for our relationship to grow and bloom to where it is now.  We both had growing up to do and we both had our own adventures we needed to take alone before we were ready to commit to each other.  As much as those five years seemed so scattered... they weren't.  They were five intentional years of maturity and waiting and faith building.

I am so blessed with this wonderful man.  It was worth the wait!  And cheers to two years of successful married life and all the adventures thus far!

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Sickler said...

My wife is the best! Thanks for putting up with all my antics, adventures, and anecdotes, Love. You really are the greatest blessing I've yet received.