Thursday, August 5, 2010

A High Altitude Vacation - The Grand Tetons & Yellowstone, Part II

The second part of the vacation took place in Western Wyoming, right near Idaho.  We said our farewells to the Schultz's and drove 7 hours to The Grand Tetons.  What a gorgeous place!

The original plan was for Jesse & Jarod to do the Grand Traverse - hitting those seven peaks of the Tetons (above) in one go - a 24 hour endeavor.  However, upon arrival, it was clear that spring had come late and the peaks were too snowy and most faces covered with black ice.  The adventure would have to wait for another season.  The guys were bummed, obviously, however they did climb a nice route called 'The Snaz'.  Here's the guys right before they left on the approach:

Moments after the guys set off, I was getting into the car when I heard Taiga growling.  Not 20 yards away was a full on GRIZZLY BEAR!!  It was gorgeous and huge.  Amongst the wildlife, we saw a buffalo and a mama moose:

While the boys were having their fun, I decided to have a bit of my own.  I drove 30mi north to Yellowstone National Park.  

This place is huge!  I only had about 6 hours, so I spent my time near the geysers; what a bizarre place.

After Yellowstone, we all met up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for dinner before setting off to Rocky Mountain National Park.

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