Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ONE YEAR in SoCal {08.17.09-08.17.10}

On this day, last year in 2009, we pulled the Uhaul in front of our apartment complex and began unloading and starting life in Southern California.  Life started with a bang that day, as our only friend in the SoCal area, a college staff guy from Kamp, met us and carried boxes and couches and mattresses.... {what a blessing!} and an hour or so later, the last item was set in the middle of the living room.

Our friend suggested we hit up the beach right away {love college guy thinking!} We closed the door on that mess above and headed straight to Malibu.  Jarod and Brian played in the water and Taiga ran around like a wild thing {she had been cooped up in the UHaul for several states/days}.  We then celebrated our move with some fabulous sushi in the Hills.  What a great FIRST day!  

It's funny to compare today's day with last years...  to remember all the feelings of nervousness and excitement of the start of our new chapter and to compare that to the 'old hat' feeling of living here now.  The newness of Los Angeles is wearing off a little bit.  We have found our groove, made friends, started jobs, finished two of the five semesters and enjoy our life in a regular, day to day way.  The year has passed quickly and I'm feeling slightly guilty of not savoring every moment.  I am sure next year on this day, I will think back in wonder at how fast time is still flying and hopefully be guilt free.  

I'm thankful we're here.  Thankful the Lord is providing the way.  Thankful for dear friends and rewarding work.  Thankful for warm, sunny weather.  Thankful for close beaches and close mountains and close deserts.  Thankful for a happy husband who is pursuing his dreams.  Thankful for fresh produce and farmers markets.  Thankful for no food tax.  Thankful for fish tacos.  Thankful for this entire experience of city and urban living.  Thankful for this time of growth and challenge and change..   


hannah said...

i can't believe it's been a year already! i know i'll blink and we will hit our one year mark. also, i'm suddenly realizing, uh, you guys can't leave in a year! we'll miss you too much!!

Michael said...

nice eames chair!