Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taiga & the Raw Diet

When we first got the mutt, (don't worry, she didn't hear me type that derogatory reference) the breeder had been feeding her a "raw diet."  She encouraged us to continue with it for at least Taiga's first year.  German Shepherds are highly susceptible to hip dysplasia and the raw diet, being free of any "filler foods" keeps the dogs trim.  Extra weight on the dogs' bones and joints early on in life, can cause a more severe case of dysplasia later.  So, we did it.  We kept her on the raw diet for her first 13 months.  Then we moved to kamp, where there was no refrigeration, so onto bagged, dry food she went.

Well, Taiga is now 3 years old and we have decided to put her back on the raw diet.  Since moving to California, she seems to have developed allergies.  She itches and scratches and bites and her nose runs... and well, the vet said, it's more than likely the difference in air and soil (climate allergies).  The raw diet is high in amino acids, fatty acids and oils (all which are good for the skin).  So, after bouncing around dog foods for awhile, we're back to square one with her and she loves it.

Also (I get this question a lot) the raw diet costs about the same as dry food.  We spend about $40 a month on her dining.

Her typical daily diet includes:

Breakfast - either raw chicken quarters (we keep em individually frozen in foil) or mackerel (1 large can).
Dinner - "the mix" She gets a couple scoops of this at night:
                -Total cereal
                -wheat germ
                -flax seed
                -olive oil
                -whole oats
                -raw hamburger


This amount will last one week.

I call it, "Doggie Pate."


I'm a happy girl with these meals :)


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Stephanie B said...

Hi Brooke and Jarod,

Sounds like a great diet for "T", think it would be good for our 8 year old Springers. Oreo the male is a lot heavier then the female and he has lots of allergies in the spring/summer. My question is do you thaw out the chicken or what do you do? Thanks for the reply.

Love to both of you,

Aunt Stephanie