Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Five Solo

Jarod has been gone for five days... and I am so ready for my husband to be home now.  AND he still has four more days of his trip before he's back in California with me.  Lame.

Tonight, I did all the things that usually happen on Friday evenings.  Things like walking the dog around the neighborhood, cooking a new recipe for dinner, watching the Office on, tidying up the house... but it's just 100% lame when I'm by myself.  I'm pretty lonely for him.  I've had a few friends call and ask to hang out tonight, but I'm just being mopey.  I miss my Jarod.

AND THEN, just a few minutes ago, in the depth of my misery, he emailed me this photo!!

WHAT?!?!  Apparently, when he was doing this:

 and this:
That would be ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado... 
a piece of ice fell and sliced his face.  


Can you see the ice in his beard?!  Goodness.  Tomorrow they are doing the big, last, final hoorah in Telluride, Colorado: Bridal Veil Falls.   Let's hope there's no more bloody faces.  

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JSimp said...

you two are adorable.

ahem...and Sickler is beastly. Miss you guys.