Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jarod & Whitney

Mt. Whitney, that is.

Over the weekend, Jarod summited the tallest peak in the lower 48!  (Thats 14,505 ft--and in the middle of JANUARY, of all months to choose) Although mountaineering isn't exactly Jarod's forte... and by that, I mean, he tells me it's not challenging enough for him (what?!?!)  Ha.  He says, "You basically just have to keep walking, Brooke."  WELL, I am still impressed and I know he had a good time.  And, some of these photos are a bit more precarious that just "walking".  My crazy husband, he has one deep, "need for high-risk" cup.

These photos were taken by Andrew Summerset.  He is a friend of Jarod's who is climbing multiple 14-ers across the nation, and who invited Jarod on this trip.  

A little photo recap of his trip last weekend:
Mt. Whitney is the large peak on the right.
They camped up there two nights.  Remember the fab yellow tent? :)
I would like to call to everyone's attention that Jarod does not have an ice axe (necessary for all mountaineering trips).  What he does have (and is using) is a tent pole found en route.  Hmm.  Safe.  What?!?! 
I love these views of the Eastern Sierras.

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