Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Grampa

My Great Grampa passed away this past Sunday, shortly after midnight.  The paramedics said it was a massive heart attack.  It was a hard phone call to hear, knowing I am seven states away from all my family. As the week progresses on, and families are gathering from Florida and Pennsylvania and Arkansas and many places in between, I really long to be there with them.

But Grampa lived a full life.  A full ONE HUNDRED years of life, that is.  It's hard to imagine being alive that long and I'm grateful for his many years with us.  He has quite the limb on the family tree with five generations still going strong.  I got to see Grampa this past Christmas.  He looked good in his flannel pj pants, still pretty sharp and telling Jarod to keep me out of trouble.

Gramma said it had been a hard 10 days prior to his passing.  She hadn't slept much, but was taking care of him ceaselessly.  I guess he had fallen a few times already that week and was visited more than once by the paramedics.  I cant even imagine how Gramma is doing.  Being married to him for 78 years, I am sure she feels as though part of herself is truly missing.  I talked to her on the phone this afternoon and she was as quick and cheerful as ever.  Gramma said that he was ready.

The visitation was tonight and the funeral is tomorrow morning.  Great Grampa, you are loved by so many.

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