Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catalina Island

Yesterday was definitely Fun Friday.  Our chiropractor/pilot friend flew us to Catalina Island for the day in a little, four-seater, cessna plane.  I was very nervous, as this was my first "little plane" flight, but Mark was an incredible pilot with the smoothest landing & take off skills!  This was also Jarod's first time to land in a little cessna... He had taken off in multiple times in small planes, but had always fallen out mid-flight (aka sky-diving).

Catalina Island is wonderful.  At the airport, I felt like I landed back in Africa - straight desert, complete with cactus, sweltering heat, tile roofs and dirt roads.  As we drove the thirty minute descent into the coastal coves, things got cooler and a bit more modern.  The architecture and aura of the town, Avalon, says 1950's.  This place is unlike anywhere I have been.. tropical, but Spanish with many colored tiles, vintage boardwalks and lines of palms, old fashioned confectionaries and a simple warm vibe.  We spent the day touring and shooting photos.  Enjoy!

If you didn't get enough of our day trip to Catalina Island, go here! (It's our flickr stream of photos)

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kate fried said...

sooooo beautiful!!
funnily enough, one of my spanish nicknames from growing up in mexico was 'catalina', but it was based more on the soap opera character 'catalina creel' who was the villain of the show and wore an eye patch...
catalina island is much cooler than catalina creel.