Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mosaic Bible

Last fall, our friend from Kansas City, Jeremy Collins gave us one of my now, most treasured possessions.  It's the Mosaic Bible:
What I love about this Bible imparticular, is the set of devotionals and guided readings at the beginning.  Now I know that most Bibles have these, however, this one is based completely on the Church Year/Calendar.  Using this Bible liturgically for weekly meditations is a new experience for me.  It is refreshing to have my attention & reading focus on God and his activity in the world, as opposed to one based on the seasonal calendar, which is from the rhythms in nature.

Another thing I love about these weekly readings is the fact that they are indeed, weekly.  There are a handful of pages to read over the week.  The pages include art work, poetry, bits of speeches, quotes, Scripture, etc.  It is an all around way to experience the presence of God.

This a photo inside the Mosiac Bible.  It is a piece of artwork that our friend Jeremy painted.

Also, one last thing I love about this Bible is the fact that if you get confused about what week you are on (Pentecost, Lent, Advent, etc.), you can click on the website and it gives you the reading for that current day.  Brilliant.  To get started with the readings, go here.

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