Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jarod's Organic Patch Disaster

Jarod has been visiting a chiropractor the past 2 months for his shoulders and back...  the newest remedy is this organic patch.  The patch sticks directly on the skin for 24 hours, then is removed.  After 48 hours, a second patch is attached.  The cycle repeats, 24 on then 48 off, for an entire week.  Jarod went through one week of patches and didn't notice a change, so the doctor gave him this different set of patches.  This is after one 24 hour period.  
The patch apparently left much of the goo still on the shoulder.


So this is after scrubbing with Palmolive Dish Soap!

This rag is trashed..  The goo was pretty much like a bad combo of tar & sap.  We eventually got it off.  And I think we are done with the patches!!


Ess said...

Eeeeeew!!!! :P

Suzanne said...

Seriously!!! I'm thinking you need to find a NEW chiropractor, not so sure Cindy would even go for this one. Talk about "voodoo"!!!! Seriously, Jarod.....