Thursday, July 8, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm

Since we have moved here, every time we drove on Beach Boulevard, past Knott's Berry Farm, Jarod would ask if I wanted to ride the roller coasters with him.  Well, of course I don't... Well, now that his family is here, Jarod would have a partner (Aimee loves roller coasters).  It worked out well.  Judy and I walked around the park, watched a few corny shows, and watched the brother and sister do their thing.  It was a fun day there. 


We had a little Pink's Hotdog at the entrance of the Park. Yum.

Look at these lovely senoritas we found to pose with us.

CAMP SNOOPY! [This part of the park was for little kids.. but we enjoyed it]

Mr. Red Baron

Linus, Lucy & Charlie [this was also an ultra cheesy kids show - we lasted about 10 min - ha]

Snoopy & Woodstock go camping.

Of course.

Judy & Snoopy

Waiting for the show to start!

Cute show.

While we're doing ice shows, Aimee & Jarod are doing these crazy things!

A $5 dryer - ha - set up at the exits of the water rides.

Jarod and I dead in the coffin - buried together, for all eternity.

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