Thursday, May 6, 2010

Farmer's Market

Tonight we took a spontaneous trip to the Fullerton Farmer's Market with our friends, the Rosa's. So fun! Sampled some of the BEST fresh fruit, ever! I had ginger ice cream for dinner. Yum. I also had some amazingly good hummus (avocado & cilantro).. Jarod makes a really good homemade hummus already, so now he has some inspiration for spicing up his traditional recipe. The Market was totally enjoyable; fun music, delicious food and close friends. Little Nan is almost 3 months old! And she is awesome, totally chillin' with Mama, never made a peep. :)

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kathleen said...

Really like your new format. It is so sunny! We are suppose to get more cold weather this weekend! I can't wait to see you in Florida in about 23 days!